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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Soviet War Memorial at Schönholzer Heide

We didn´t plan any sightseeing for my challenge today, just went for a walk to explore a bit further in our area Pankow.

First to the Bürgerpark, then we found a cool Kinderbauernhof (Farm for kids) Pinke-Panke. Some kids were collecting money to make a Kanu-trip next summer, so they were offering sausages and bread to grill on the open fire. Was very cosy. 

Also we met black and fury pigs. 

After that we walked through a huge forest-park Schönholzer Heide and stumbled upon the greatest playground ever. I could stay there forever. 

At the end of the park we came across the Sowiet War Memorial. It was mentioned in my book about the history of Berlin, but I didn´t check it on the map yet. 

It is massive, pathetic, includes many of Stalin´s quotes and looks very much like the one in Treptower Park. It isn´t that famous though.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Challenge Number 1: The History of Berlin

I realized, that my life lacks challenges - not in the sense of being lazy or inactive, but in the sense of not expanding my own horizont and not learning/exploring new things/abilities. In one word, I am just becoming bored.

And then I made a lists of self-challenges. Something I will go through step-by-step, everyday (as much as I can with a 1-year old daughter, family life and on-going work projects. Will report here about the highlights.

So, my first challenge will be to learn some history of Berlin, city where I live for already 2,5 years. For that I will read books and walk along the paths suggested in the books, check new/ hidden places and retell the stories and experiences to everyone who would like to listen. Also I will post impressions, pictures and thoughts here.

I think about giving 100 days for this project. Then switch to something else. And then come back again.

The first book will be "Faust´s Metropoly: A History of Berlin" by Alexandra Richie. ...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vintage Computer Festival Berlin

Today we went to an oldtimer-paradise, Vintage Computer Festival in Berlin. Runned by computer enthusiasts, it had several rooms; Apple (Mac) history room, Game Room and Exhibition Room with lots of nerd stuff (don´t ask me what). Also your own old machine could be brought here to be repaired.

bottles and LEDs....

maybe i still can program on this one...?


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Potsdam Sanssouci Park

Two days ago we visited Potsdam and the park around the Schloss Sanssouci (Sanssouci Palace). I could never remember the correct writing of this name until I read in Wiki that it comes from the french words "sans souci", which means "careless", "without worries". King of Prussia, Frederick the Great, has built it in 1747 for his own pleasure, to be away of the royal concerns and routine.

Initially (mid-18th century) it has been only a small villa (10 principal rooms) built on top of a charming terraced vineyard hill. The king didn´t want to show off, so if you stand on the bottom of the terraces you can barely see the palace itself. But it surely brings you to the idea of the harmony between man and nature (pre-Romantic ideal).

I wonder if those vineyards produce any grapes??...

But with time (twenty years later) he decided to build another palace in the park, to oppose the first one, in order to display his power and strength to the world. Shortly, to show-off.

Baroque "Fanfaronnade"

Funny thing is that despite king´s wish to build a proper fountain system, the knowledge of the hydraulics was very poor back then, and Frederick saw none of them playing. They stayed dry for almost 100 years.

In front of the Orangerie

18th century art is not possible to imagine without the influence of the Oriental style. Chinese rooms, chinese houses, chinese porcellan were usual attributes of the royal mode of life.

The Chinese House in Sanssouci is a tribute to the East (as it was imagined by the local architects who probably had no idea of the real China) mixed with rococo elements. Significant is the fact that all the figures displayed play an instrument.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SOFA magazine - couchsurfing as a way of life

Dear dears!

Take few minutes to look at a new awesome project by creative CouchSurfers: it is a SOFA magazine, first issue of which will be "published" in couple of months!

SOFA is a digital magazine about couchsurfing - for travelers by travelers - that tells compelling stories about people from all over the world. It's a magazine about and for people who want to see the world from a new perspective, to get a deep understanding about other cultures.OFA is a digital magazine about couchsurfing - for travelers by travelers - that tells compelling stories about people from all over the world. It's a magazine about and for people who want to see the world from a new perspective, to get a deep understanding about other cultures.

Take a look and show your support! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monuments Odyssee

Wikipedia started a project called Wiki Loves Monuments: they are asking everyone in more than 50 countries around the world to take pictures of monuments, memorials, towers etc. (the whole list is here) and add them to the relevant webpages, articles and lists. That moved me and David to go to our neighborhood and take pictures of buildings that were still not captured.

We took our cameras and enjoyed a sunny afternoon at the lovely Richardplatz, just few blocks from our apartment. And - to our enjoyment - we found plenty of hidden charming spots around!

Another reason why I love Berlin (and Neukölln especially) is because of the abundance of the tiny little cafes, art salons, workshops, studios, private enterprises, hand-made shops, flea markets. It makes you feel a little bit less impersonal in this big city. For example, we occasionally stumbled on a small flea market along the restaurant where we celebrated our wedding (it's very common to see book or kitchen utensils sale just on the street); we got beautiful teabox, teacup and vase from GDR for only 3.50 euro.

On the other side of the same Richardplatz was a small fest for Rixdorfer Schmiede (Rixdorfer smithy; Rixdorf is an area in Neukölln). There were small stands with wooden, ceramic and metal hand-made goods.

And at the end we went to eat at a small cafe, and across the street was this:

And, voila! If you go here and look for Richardplatz 3A-F, 6, 7, 17, 20, 24 and 25, you will find pictures made by your humble servant Divine Shark.

*** Richardstrasse-pictures are coming! We will hit the list this month! :)